Alpha Phi Omega

Community Service Based Fraternity at UCLA

Our values


Provide leadership workshops and events to help brothers become better leaders of the chapter and of the world


Develop brotherhood through shared experiences and an understanding of one another


Offer various opportunities to participate in types of service you are passionate about

Be a Leader.

Be a Friend.

Be of Service.

We cannot build our own future without helping others build theirs.
William “Bill” Clinton
Mu Alpha ’67 Past President of the United States of America

Message From Our President

Here at UCLA, the Brothers of Alpha Phi Omega, Chi Chapter are a group of diverse and hardworking individuals dedicated towards embodying the three cardinal principles: Leadership, Friendship, and Service to the best of our abilities. This term, my Executive Committee and I are striving to build upon the chapter by improving and adding aspects we felt needed some polishing. Some key highlights to look forward to are more meaningful service events such as partnering with Relay for Life, Border Angels, and The People Concern. We also restructured our active and pledge activities to foster a more connected and welcoming atmosphere such as hosting an Olympic Games Day, an Inter Chapter Picnic Event, and a new and improved Alumni Picnic. With these new adjustments we hope to establish more meaningful positive change within our community, a more connected brotherhood, stronger ties to our IC brothers, and greater emphasis on our alumni who can provide us with insightful guidance. We thank you for your interest in Alpha Phi Omega, Chi Chapter and we hope you come check us out and join us in our endeavors to better our community and the world in any small way we can.

– Val Anderson, President | Spring 2019