Alpha Phi Omega

Community Service Based Fraternity at UCLA

Our values


Provide leadership workshops and events to help brothers become better leaders of the chapter and of the world


Develop brotherhood through shared experiences and an understanding of one another


Offer various opportunities to participate in types of service you are passionate about

Be a Leader.

Be a Friend.

Be of Service.

We cannot build our own future without helping others build theirs.
William “Bill” Clinton
Mu Alpha ’67 Past President of the United States of America

Message From Our President

      Alpha Phi Omega’s Chi Chapter at UCLA welcomes anyone and everyone who is interested in participating in community service. Through our chapter events and programs, we aim to create conscientious leaders, develop impactful friendships, and contribute meaningful service to various communities and causes. Our hope is that our members can grow professionally and introspectively as a result of their time in our fraternity, and that they carry the lessons they learn here as they find their place in the world. Our Executive Committee is excited to welcome you this term and thanks you for your interest in the Chi Chapter of APO. We hope to see you at future events!

– Zeriel Wong, President | Fall 2023