We are the architects of our own ambitions and each of us have the opportunity to develop ourselves to be whatever we seek to be. Within our own fraternity, people are transformed from followers to leaders sometimes without really being aware of the development. It can happen gradually, or it might happen overnight – today a follower, tomorrow a leader.





We want all of our members to develop a sense of brotherhood through shared experiences and an understanding of one another. Brotherhood is the spirit of friendship. It implies, respect, honesty, and dependability. It means we overlook differences and emphasize similarities as we join together in unselfish services.





Participation in our service programs helps make Alpha Phi Omega the unique fraternal organization it is. The Fraternity has established five fields of service in which chapters should be involved in. These are: Service to the Campus, Service to the Community, Service to the Nation, Service to the Fraternity, and Service to the World.


Presidential Message

Welcome to Alpha Phi Omega – Chi Chapter!

The Brothers of our fraternity are bonded by a dedication to service and charity, and we hope that our mission resonates with you as well. Our fraternity is characterized by a commitment to our cardinal principles – Leadership, Friendship, and Service, and whether you’re a pledge or a Brother, we strive to ensure that your APO experience will embody those ideals.

Here at Chi Chapter, you will meet a diverse group of exceptional young men and women who come from all walks of life with all sorts of interests, but at the end of the day, our shared passion for bettering the community and each other’s lives is what makes our Brotherhood strong. Thank you for your interest in our fraternity, and we hope to be of service to the community with you by our side soon!

Matthew Pham
President | Spring 2017

Spring Rush 2017

Are you interested in doing service while experiencing a strong Brotherhood here at UCLA?

Then rush and see what we have to offer! Go to our rush page for more information!

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“We cannot build our own future without helping others build theirs.”

Brother William “Bill” Clinton, Mu Alpha ’67
Past President of the United States of America